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Sexy redhead Amber has been an LSG favorite for a while now but this was her first video shoot. We wanted Amber's LSG fans to get to know her a little better and she wanted to say 'hello' personally. So she managed to stop playing with herself for five minutes and sat down for a chat.

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Posted 2 Apr 2015 5:19 PM EDT by 11BBB44

I just watched your video "Talk," Amber, and I really am impressed. You are a very lovely woman, a beautiful woman, and every inch a lady. What I like most though. is your attitude, because I share it and understand it. It's mostly why I'm writing to you. You might think it's a bit odd in a man, and maybe it is, but since I was a little boy, I've had the feeling that if anyone - anyone at all - wants to see me in my birthday suit, it's like they have a natural right to ask. And if the vibes are alright, I feel like, where's the harm? It's sort of like I have a duty to show them anything they want to see. And from there on, who knows, whatever.

The on-line photos and videos that turn me on most are of those girls who show, with your kind of enthusiasm in their face and gestures, the personal joy they feel in sharing their beauty, their poise and their easy grace with anyone - anyone anywhere in the world - to be appreciated. And to show, of course, the power of the pussy! I probably have a female bone or two in my body, and that's why I think I understand at least a little of your world. I suspect you've got a few boy bones of your own. The all-or-nothing types are way out on the ends of the bell curve. I think there's a little bit of bisexualism in most everybody, even though that may not be widely accepted yet. I really don't know if it is or not, widely accepted, I mean. I'd be interested to know.

Well, I do kind of run on, don't I? I need to go bring up some of your photo sets. I know you need to be appreciated, and I can do that, no effort.

One last thing, Amber. I recognize in you a giving person. And I absolutely recognize, in your words and in your face, that you are doing exactly what you love doing, just exactly as you say. Never stop! Just be sure the bastards pay you.what you're worth. Be sure you have good medical insurance, and retire early. Or go on forever.

All the best,

Posted 16 Feb 2014 12:56 PM EST by prackie

This was great

Posted 28 Sep 2013 7:34 AM EDT by zzaq22

Well I am the grandfather type that love jacking off to your pictures.

Posted 9 Nov 2011 11:12 AM EST by MARIMAN


Posted 4 Apr 2011 2:13 PM EDT by dce6644

Amber, we love you. Your spirit is fresh, your smile is lovely, your bod is killer, and I hope you're happy every day.

Posted 29 May 2010 6:47 AM EDT by misnlink

holy monky your hottttt........ oh yea and very pretty also.

Posted 23 Jan 2009 9:15 AM EST by amber

you're very welcome olduck, crazy i used to walk 4 miles 6 days a week in bidwell park!

Posted 17 Nov 2008 9:36 AM EST by olduck

Hi Amber - I'm in Nevada City. I used to run in Bidwell Park while you were doing what you do. Thanks for giving me such superb pleasure. I'll stay in touch, so to speak. Olduck

Posted 11 Nov 2008 8:55 AM EST by amber

lol, thanks!

Posted 8 Nov 2008 8:23 AM EST by sdca

p.s. I've never been so envious of Monica Bellucci in my life.

Posted 8 Nov 2008 8:16 AM EST by sdca

Spectacular video. It's great finding out that Amber is as sweet as she is gorgeous. Please keep shooting more videos and posing for more photoshoots. It's incredibly hot that you love being so exhibitionistic.

Posted 6 Nov 2008 6:57 AM EST by rc1956

no disappointments,
you are so delicious in person as you are in your pics and movies.

Posted 4 Nov 2008 6:55 PM EST by amber

Thank you! I love being naked!

Posted 4 Nov 2008 5:10 PM EST by mr konstan

I like this video. Amber is very natural in naked condition. The exposure is good.
I hope other models could do like she does. Bravo LSG.

Posted 3 Nov 2008 4:52 PM EST by manara1

A good chat with a very sexy woman. I love hearing Amber talking about spanking and she looks so comfortable being naked in front of the camera. Amber, you are lovely! More please!

Posted 2 Nov 2008 10:00 AM EST by Arthur9

A very Hot Model !!!

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