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When the action gets this hot, you have to slow down. And that's what director Vix Luger did in this third part of Jessie and Sonia's lesbo love scene. Shooting in graphic slo-mo with some great close-ups of dildo pumping. Highly erotic and delightfully delicious.

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Posted 20 Sep 2009 1:50 AM EDT by alice

Dear lexa11 - fer fuksake put a sock in it. I happen to really enjoy watching these clips which is why I cancelled my met art account long ago. MET ART IS THE DEFINITION OF BORING.
go. away. now.

Posted 20 Sep 2009 1:34 AM EDT by ballOfire

lexa - too much tequila? you like met-art, then please go there. do you see anyone else complaining here? no just you loser.

Posted 16 Sep 2009 7:34 PM EDT by ballOfire

lexa my man, u r in the rong site dude - get a life or get lost - there is nothing boring about two lovelies going at it with each other. and they didn't delete your ALL CAPS AOL bullshit comment or I would not have had to read it

Posted 2 Jul 2009 10:32 AM EDT by loveit

Although the girl in black stockings has a prettier pussy, the girl in white really knows what she's doing. Rocking her hips, and thrusting the wand in and out repeatedly with your hand coming in from below for full visibility. And when she lifts her legs with her stocking foot bobbing up and down, and her eyes closed enjoying it deeply, it's fantastic. The other girl is mostly just laying there looking bored, and boring me in return.

Posted 28 Jun 2009 12:47 AM EDT by nestoral

Great in ALL aspects except one: the silly sound effects background instead of the models' sexy sounds of arousal, pleasure and explosive climatic orgasm.
Thanks, though for a 1920's style silent movie.

Posted 25 Jun 2009 4:36 PM EDT by fishface

That was absolutely mental, probably the sexiest video I have so far seen. Beautiful eroticism and even the kissing was very arousing. Jessie in the white stockings has the most gorgeously voluptuous labia and both girls are extremely delicious. Fantastic, even the camerawork matched the seductiveness of the girls.

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