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Here's another set for our Kymberly fans, and anyone who enjoys a voluptuous and classically beautiful woman.

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Posted 8 Jan 2010 11:09 AM EST by streuner

Very nice pussy and asshole !!

Posted 6 Jan 2010 6:50 PM EST by Timothy

Sweet Kymberly is absolutely gorgeous!! So very sensual and delicious! Her ample, hot pink pussy lips open just like the petals of a beautiful orchid, when she excites them! So very yummy!

Posted 26 Oct 2009 2:15 PM EDT by dameson

she needs my cream in her

Posted 29 Jul 2009 10:30 PM EDT by manncer

Her breasts are so sexy. I want to suck her nipples all night

Posted 27 Mar 2009 7:58 AM EDT by tampikat

the best yet. where re the videos??????

Posted 11 Mar 2009 12:10 PM EDT by pandski

Again it would be great to see more obtuse angles instead of the constant head on photo, incredible erotic potential, Kymberly is pure seductive beauty!

Posted 10 Mar 2009 10:21 PM EDT by slimjim

We need to discover the secret of the nails - why a beautiful woman wants multi color fingernails - I think we should abolish all nail salons.

Posted 10 Mar 2009 6:40 PM EDT by jhunter

Well done, really. But I have to agree about the nails; makes her look cheap. Ditto for the tats.

Posted 9 Mar 2009 8:44 AM EDT by slimjim

tellania - yes a real stunner - face and expression of an angelic beauty - but wtf with the fingernails - this is a common feature these days and lots of girls think it's cool for some reason - I don't get it - but I forgive this one!

Posted 9 Mar 2009 2:27 AM EDT by teliania

stunning...just the nails! ugh

Posted 8 Mar 2009 1:26 PM EDT by Briny

The only thing "cheap" or disgusting to me would be her tattoos. I hate tattoos on a woman. But Kymberly is a beautiful woman, and this set is lovely... truly lovely!

Posted 7 Mar 2009 9:21 AM EST by fishface

Delightful creature amply endowed. I imagine you could have a very dirty and decadent experience with her encouragement.

Posted 7 Mar 2009 9:06 AM EST by nantucket

just the kind of messy naughty girl I want to see every a.m.

Posted 7 Mar 2009 9:01 AM EST by lulahoop

GKingdom - ur wacko dude - get a new seeing eye dog - Kymberly's a fave of mine especially when I"m feeling milfy.

Posted 7 Mar 2009 6:07 AM EST by GKingdom

Cheaply done and anything but sexy.

Posted 7 Mar 2009 12:52 AM EST by love it

this set is very good. Love the close ups and the boobs are very sexy.

Posted 7 Mar 2009 12:21 AM EST by lulahoop

face of a move star - i'm in love....again

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