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Kymberly is back - this time dressed like the girl next door in a simple summer dress and white cotton panties, which she just can't seem to keep in place. We wish all the neighborhood girls were like her.

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Posted 3 Aug 2009 7:17 PM EDT by kizyface

She's got a lovely face. ANYBODY notice?

Posted 9 Jul 2009 3:15 PM EDT by kizyface

Class always comes to the fore. I know what I'd come to her for.

Posted 25 Feb 2009 7:04 PM EST by miafan

beautiful. who doesn't want to hang out with her, a bottle of wine, and laugh with her before a long session of what would obviously be wonderful sex. all that from her smile. whew

Posted 24 Feb 2009 10:47 AM EST by jhunter

It reminds me how great it feels to fuck a woman with her panties on; that rough fabric against your cock while you're sliding into the cream-- a great sensation.

Posted 24 Feb 2009 7:58 AM EST by slimjim

I am having milf madness. Great womanly lips (upper and lower)

Posted 24 Feb 2009 4:16 AM EST by 799103


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