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As it turns out, our friend Heather is quite a book worm. For this set of photos, we find her perusing her local library, but fortunately she takes a break from her studies long enough to demonstrate some of the finer points of female anatomy. And by the end she becomes a veritable open book herself.

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Posted 5 Mar 2009 11:14 AM EST by lulahoop

Plenty of great hands-and-knees shots of this girl in other sets - check out #2. Otherwise, who cares, this series is much hotter.

Posted 4 Mar 2009 6:37 PM EST by greystone

What is with your photographer, a beautiful model is on her hands and knees in a great side shot and her hand is covering her breasts. What is up with that.

Posted 14 Jan 2009 5:39 PM EST by Black Panther

She's a Queen.

I would like to see her in a video

Posted 10 Jan 2009 2:57 AM EST by fishface

Gorgeous quim gorgeous tits. She looks like the kind of girl you get deliciously dirty with.

Posted 3 Jan 2009 5:14 PM EST by nantucket

love those lips and those nips

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