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Susie returns, to the delight of all those who've asked for more of this Irish dancer. This time we see her sans make-up, but still with rosy cheeks (due to the excitement of posing nude..?) She looks at times rather flushed and shy as her panties are lowered for some fantastic moody images from our California studio.

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Posted 16 Mar 2009 9:44 AM EDT by hhh989

This photographer shot her very well. Why do women "pine" after large and larger breasts? Viewing this shoot, I never thought once about her breast size. I just loved their shape and admired her nipples!

Posted 1 Dec 2008 2:10 AM EST by greeny12

Redheads rule and Susie is utter perfection! Truly gorgeous.... More please!!

Posted 30 Nov 2008 12:29 AM EST by plover

This woman is absolutely breath taking. Just heart pounding beautiful.

Posted 29 Nov 2008 11:21 AM EST by lulahoop

Even better than the last set of this girl - the natural look is so superior - this is Real eroticism.

Posted 29 Nov 2008 10:02 AM EST by VicePrez

I'd like to believe that the pink cheeks are from sexual excitement. Do the models get that turned on during a shoot I wonder? By the way - fantastic artistic sexy shots.

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