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Susie's back again with that wild red hair falling so seductively in her face. This time she doesn't bother to actually remove her clothes, so much as she just shreds them. And even though we liked her in the red & white stripes, we think the candy cane tights are greatly improved with the crotch cut out.

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Posted 16 Mar 2009 9:55 AM EDT by hhh989

Very classy and inventive shots by this imaginative photographer. He used her well. My preference is generally more explicit and I would have "loved it" with this model, but I'm still able to respect and appreciate erotic art.

Posted 25 Nov 2008 8:21 PM EST by VicePrez

Redhead love is an acquired taste - but I got it badddd. This girl would melt in my mouth. I wish. Red lips, upper and lower, and stripe stockings make it a nice set - yes, let's see some more.

Posted 25 Nov 2008 4:54 PM EST by slimjim

re jd1511 Dude whatr u smokin?
Nothing at all wrong with this redhead - cute face, nice bod, nice pubes, nice change -
I wouldn't kick her out. can't wait to see more and hopefully some vids too.

Posted 25 Nov 2008 3:50 PM EST by jd1511

Been with you since the beginning.
If you can't do any better than this, cancel my subscription.
Wow. WHERE did you find her?

Posted 25 Nov 2008 1:22 PM EST by slimjim

The red hair and especially the red pubic fizz is most enticing. This is a nice change - very sexy - great dancer body.

Posted 25 Nov 2008 10:28 AM EST by nantucket

ooh cutting is hot - dangerous hot - like it like it

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