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Here's a tall, lanky newcomer to LSG, Walleria. She begins in a bright red lingerie outfit and ends up (in more ways than one) as you see her here, with those long legs folded over and her tight tushy on display for your viewing enjoyment.

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Posted 9 Feb 2011 12:32 PM EST by Maskman1

Nice girl, nice boobs.

Posted 3 May 2010 1:30 AM EDT by balin1

I rarely download every photo set of a model, but of this sexy beauty, I did.

Posted 26 Feb 2009 11:46 AM EST by fishface

Stunningly aesthetic perineum. Sweet anal delights for the perfect embrace.

Posted 25 Dec 2008 9:50 AM EST by mjohns

absolutely gorgeous.!!

Posted 25 Dec 2008 9:49 AM EST by mjohns

walleria is the bomb. It don't get better,

Posted 15 Dec 2008 7:40 AM EST by lulahoop

re: Ftye3856 If you had a college education, or perhaps some familiarity with fine art or more sophisticated photography, you'd have known what I was talking about. As it is, your background is evidently more one-dimensional and focused on single-hand web surfing. It's called expanding your horizons, "dude". (You want fries with that?)

Posted 15 Dec 2008 7:15 AM EST by Ftye3856

To lulahoop on Nov. 9: That has got to be the silliest, not to mention most pathetically patronizing, thing I've read about photography in some time. You can HAVE your "selective focus" if it means that much to you, but some of us would like clarity in more than one place at a time. It's called "value for the money." Dude.

Posted 9 Nov 2008 9:59 AM EST by lulahoop

Love the cover shot - my fave view of all girls - keep it up.

Posted 9 Nov 2008 8:33 AM EST by joeaalb

doiw3697, go look up depth of field

Posted 9 Nov 2008 7:23 AM EST by rich

Looking forward to seeing more of this lady

Posted 9 Nov 2008 7:23 AM EST by rich

Looking forward to seeing more of this lady

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