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Here's a great series of Bianca, back in our London location, stretching out and spreading those long legs for the camera. Lots of nice juicy close-ups in this set.

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Posted 29 May 2010 5:04 AM EDT by rk

Great close-ups.

Posted 28 Jul 2009 4:19 PM EDT by kizyface

There's a sweet (candy) with the slogan 'The mint with a hole'. Well, here's one hole worth a mint.

Posted 11 Jul 2009 5:55 PM EDT by kizyface

An AMAZING set. I just couldn't decide which shot to DROOL over longest.

Posted 21 Jun 2009 11:03 AM EDT by bigfoot9

OMG, I love the open view and wetness. Looks like I could just slide it in. I bet it tastes as good as it looks....mmmmm

Posted 8 Nov 2008 5:17 AM EST by postman


Posted 16 Oct 2008 8:01 PM EDT by Briny

I have once complaint about the lovely miss Bianca. I wish she would let her hair grow to its natural color. Has anyone noticed how much she resembles Winona Ryder? How cool it would be to see "Winona Ryder" spreading her cunt WIDE open! So, Bianca, would you please consider going brunette? I, for one, would love it!

Posted 16 Oct 2008 6:31 PM EDT by lulahoop

Very Nice Set - I could even get used to this particular platinum blonde.

Posted 16 Oct 2008 10:15 AM EDT by Briny

I love the gapes! It's nice to see where you're going, or would like to, even if it is "dark in there." Great set !!

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