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Here's luscious Playboy model Cassandra Stanton again - this time completely au naturelle, meaning we photographed her just as she was when she arrived - very little make-up, jeans and a t-shirt, normal girlfriend panties. Some of us think she's even better like this.

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Posted 4 May 2010 5:21 PM EDT by Cap'n.

First class model.
Nice everyday outfit.
Yes, more sets like this, please?

Posted 2 Jan 2009 8:27 PM EST by safari

Great Cunt!!!

Posted 31 Oct 2008 3:22 AM EDT by m

This is your best set yet! (Vortex) Is right when he said (more natural make-up (or none at all)) I say the same. The other two sets where good A+ for Body but some how the make-up did not let all Your beauty show. I Love Your Eyes and Face too, give them a A+.
Also- all the sets show Your True Womanhood, those super sexy FEMALE ARMPITS!
That's right, there sexy! They need just a tad bit more stubble and oh how I would love to Sniff and Taste them! All men and woman know this subconsciously. The world just has to wake up and smell the Pheromones.

Posted 10 Oct 2008 8:36 PM EDT by vortex

I Love Your Face and Body and would really like to see alot more of you. Not only more explicit, but also in different kinds of outfits. Also, I would like to see you smile in more of the photos. vortex

Posted 10 Oct 2008 9:43 AM EDT by lulahoop

Thank you for moving in this direction: more natural make-up (or none at all) and regular clothes. And she's a real beauty, a real girl you'd want to be with.

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