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Another gorgeous new face here at LSG - Micaela is a cute little spitfire of a girl, barely 5 ft tall, and most of that is lips and eyes. She's a perfect mixture of dark ethnic diversity - with a little Asian, a little Spanish, and also some Hawaiian tossed in. And she's another Playboy recruit for us, as you'll see from their "branding" on her crotch...

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Posted 10 Nov 2011 3:44 AM EST by kikskinx

Near perfection. LOVE the tattoos !!!

Posted 6 May 2010 3:30 PM EDT by TiG&YjFe

head shots are decent and clear.if possible to do this with other models?

Posted 21 Dec 2009 10:02 AM EST by nanga26

I don't like tatoos either, but I agree with LSG...sometimes you have to make an exception.......

Posted 20 Mar 2009 3:16 PM EDT by fishface

When I saw Micaela for the first time I was seriously pissed off about the tattoos. They are invisible now because I only see her. I have really warmed to her vibrant personality, she sizzles with sexual energy and she is truly a very beautiful girl. Lively, great fun and so sensuous. Love you do truly truly do. X for your gorgeous mouth. X for your exquisite pout. Laurie

Posted 20 Oct 2008 6:42 AM EDT by affgogo

Very nice model but she has too much tatooes

Posted 12 Oct 2008 10:02 PM EDT by jdoe

She is a hard find. It would be a shame, for any modeling agency, not to hire her because of her tattoos. Personally, I hope she slows down with the ink. But damn she's an effin hottie. Keep up the great work and ask her to come back. She was the decision maker for me to sign up.

Posted 10 Oct 2008 11:16 AM EDT by Patrick

Gorgeous lady, with or without the ink. A little diversity never hurt anyone.

Posted 10 Oct 2008 6:59 AM EDT by Black Panter

FEMJOY.com is excellent,
but in some areas they're a step behind.
They don't use dildos.
All depends on what are you looking for.

Posted 9 Oct 2008 3:18 PM EDT by slimjim

I have to say this main cover shot is one of the sexiest. The lifting of the dress to reveal the nude legs and the labia hanging down like that is just smokin hot, especially with those big eyes looking right into the camera.

I like the way you guys use the clothing to tease and reveal - almost always better than just showing a naked girl walking around in the woods, which anybody could do easily. These shots are creative and thoughtful and truly erotic - I look forward to seeing what you've got every morning (and night).

Posted 9 Oct 2008 11:59 AM EDT by class37s

Yes, I was a member of femjoy until recently and no tattoos, and no clothes, many sets also outdoors. I am thinking of rejoining once my sub here expires. Why can LSG not ditch the tattoos and market this to their advantage? So few sites offer pure, natural women, FEMJOY and prettynudes.sk are the onloy two ive seen. Can LSG be brave enough to be different?

Posted 9 Oct 2008 10:01 AM EDT by nantucket

me like - kinda edgy scary - can see the tits next time?

Posted 9 Oct 2008 9:07 AM EDT by lulahoop

jeez get over it guys - I"ve been a member of all the top sites and they all have a few girls with tattoos - this girl is hot so just enjoy her or look at someone else.

Posted 9 Oct 2008 7:27 AM EDT by Briny

"In most cases, you won't be seeing the "illustrated woman" showing up a lot on LSG."

Time to join FemJoy.com, folks! They don't allow tattoos at all.

Posted 8 Oct 2008 11:48 AM EDT by admin3

a note about tattoos:

Frankly, most of us here don't like tattoos on the models any more than some of our members, so when we post a set like this one (Micaela) it's because we feel the girl is attractive enough that we can overlook the ink.

We know you won't all agree, but we also know there are those of you who wouldn't want to be deprived of seeing this otherwise gorgeous girl naked. In most cases, you won't be seeing the "illustrated woman" showing up a lot on LSG.

If you look around the site, you'll see we have a variety of shapes and sizes and ages of models. We don't specialize in all Russians, or all Czechs or Americans or big breasts, blondes, or any one particular type. We offer you diversity and we enjoy exploring the full gamut of female beauty. And we hope you enjoy being surprised every once in a while.

Thanks for you comments - we do listen.

QD, photo team

Posted 8 Oct 2008 11:16 AM EDT by slimjim

Love that Face - and those LIPS! She is an interesting mix of cutlures from southeast asian to maybe south american. Can we see video of her?

Posted 8 Oct 2008 11:01 AM EDT by lulahoop

I'm very partial to Asians, and this little beauty is a real doll. I could do without the tats but not bothered so much by them as the other comments.

Posted 8 Oct 2008 10:44 AM EDT by class37s

I agree as per everyone else so far. I am not inclined to renew my membership with all these women who are ruined with tattoos. Please listen to your members! This is tantamount to graffiting a ferrari. We want natural unspoilt beauty here, not women who have defaced their bodies:(

Posted 8 Oct 2008 10:30 AM EDT by Debbie

Ditto!!! Ugh!!!

Posted 8 Oct 2008 8:26 AM EDT by Briny

Such a pretty girl and more DISGUSTING tattoos! I might be more inclined to see a whiskered, toothless, beer bellied bouncer at a bar as opposed to visiting this site the way it's going. I didn't pay for this GARBAGE! I couldn't agree more with Winferd. Tattoos don't belong on women!

Posted 8 Oct 2008 5:51 AM EDT by Winferd

Tatoos are a wretched excess on women.

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