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We're pleased to welcome Playboy lingerie model Cassandra Stanton to LSG. This is the first of several sessions we've got planned for Cassandra over the next few weeks - so enjoy her now, and stay tuned for more coming up soon.

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Posted 7 Sep 2010 11:46 AM EDT by emmaleon

i like this girl she turns me on, any vids?

Posted 17 Jul 2010 1:29 PM EDT by smallpox

Great arms and armpits!

Posted 22 Mar 2010 3:12 PM EDT by pussyaddict

oh seeing cassandra in that mini skirt,
oh it is so enjiyable

Posted 19 Mar 2010 7:53 PM EDT by bbc615


Posted 26 Sep 2009 10:36 AM EDT by jim007

please do more revealing photo sessions and/or video. your nice and sweet

Posted 16 Jul 2009 11:31 AM EDT by GPS

Very good gallery, you could see her totally dressed, totally nude, top less and my favorite "bottomless"

Posted 28 Apr 2009 8:51 AM EDT by poppy

some vids of her please, she is the best girl on your site 10/10

Posted 23 Mar 2009 2:52 AM EDT by elfrans3

wow i would eat the corn out of her shit

Posted 16 Mar 2009 10:38 AM EDT by hhh989

Having looked at three sets of this pretty lady, I'm struck that she must be wearing some sort of flesh colored "dust cap" on her nether lips! nuthin goin on down there!

Posted 5 Dec 2008 10:33 PM EST by nantucket

yum yum sultry face and smokin bod - be nice to me.

Posted 5 Dec 2008 10:17 PM EST by slimjim

hey "holiday" no complaints from this quarter - great girl and great shoot. No need for bells and whistles each set, there's plenty variety over the rest of the site. Relax and enjoy, bud. Crystal vase and plants? Please, let's not go back to 1974!!

Posted 5 Dec 2008 4:49 AM EST by holiday

Another member claims:

"I agree. Very beautiful model, but the photographer needs some imagination. Show some pink, more dynamic posing, more flirting and variety in the poses. This is a model I'd like to see more of.

Posted 2 Oct 2008 1:06 AM MDT by frosty"

Yes, photographer technically is good , technically makes perfect shoots , not underexposed, not overexposed , avoids high flash light in face, but his creativity is poor. There is poor studio ambient. Put on the scene a high bar stool o some simple piece of forniture on which models could make some poses. Buy some colorful flowers and put them on a crystal vase or buy some nice plants to make the scene more vivid and not so poor and ascetic. By the way good photographer is able to make very erotic expressive shoots without showing vulgar pornographic poses. Pink is not necessary to stimulate the immagination.
Bring a mini stereo system and during shooting session, put some good music that could help model to be relaxed and natural. If you used a digital camera during shooting you could show to model your pics, collaborate actively with the model and invite her to invent and to create together the best poses. Be creative ....

Posted 5 Oct 2008 9:41 PM EDT by sabor

what a beautiful woman this is... wow.....!!!

Posted 3 Oct 2008 1:32 PM EDT by jmfphoto

known and shot Cassie for years. Great model and person. Glad to see her on this site.

Posted 3 Oct 2008 10:30 AM EDT by slimjim

hey this is no BS - I googled her and she really is a Playboy model - from 2006 College Girls and lingerie special. Actually I like her better this way - more real, and more showing... When do we see more of her?

Posted 2 Oct 2008 4:07 PM EDT by magilla

A nice body becomes nicer yet when the nice face shows the package is available to have. I would be happy to have a video of her upskirt, ass, and pink.

Posted 2 Oct 2008 9:37 AM EDT by slimjim

Cutie - when was she in Playboy - do you have a link?

Posted 2 Oct 2008 8:55 AM EDT by lulahoop

Great bod - and nice cross between professional look and amateur. I can see why Playboy like her.

Posted 2 Oct 2008 6:10 AM EDT by grndl8

I think my comment got reposted everytime I looked at an image, sorry!

Posted 2 Oct 2008 5:58 AM EDT by grndl8

I agree. Very beautiful model, but the photographer needs some imagination. Show some pink, more dynamic posing, more flirting and variety in the poses. This is a model I'd like to see more of.

Posted 2 Oct 2008 1:06 AM EDT by frosty

Another pretty girl - but so boring

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