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Amber gets rather naughty in this revealing new photo set. She's come a long way from her first appearance on LSG, where she was almost reluctant to pose nude. Now she's anything but reluctant, and even brings her own props and toys. We think she's beginning to get the hang of it...

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Posted 8 Feb 2009 2:18 PM EST by amber

is that a good or bad thing madmike?

Posted 2 Nov 2008 7:43 PM EST by madmike1

You remind me of my very first girlfriend Susan.

Posted 27 Sep 2008 7:37 AM EDT by amber

I have my very first video shoot today and I'm nervous but very excited!

Posted 26 Sep 2008 8:46 PM EDT by dogone7

>I desperately need video of Amber!!!

I quite agree.

Posted 26 Sep 2008 4:05 PM EDT by grndl8

I desperately need video of Amber!!!

Posted 26 Sep 2008 2:44 PM EDT by fatrod43

Of my top five LSG models, Amber is there.

Posted 26 Sep 2008 2:40 PM EDT by lulahoop

Yes! This is exciting in so many ways: Amber doing insertion, and just the image of Amber grasping the long hard phallus... sends hot flashes up my spine (and elsewhere too)

Posted 26 Sep 2008 3:48 AM EDT by Black Panter

Mind Games / Alter Ego Games.
I thought I had seen all...
This set is a three movement Sonata. (A-B-A)

Thinking that I was proud of non being "broken" by none of you.
Do you study psicology..?
no words.

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