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Amber is a new model we met in California. With her wild red hair and her peachy white skin, she's certain to be a hit. And of course she comes with some green underwear, which is luckily see-through.

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Posted 1 Feb 2016 3:09 PM EST by rumchase

What is left to be said. lol.

Posted 29 Jan 2012 8:47 PM EST by TimS

Amber, I would love to kiss those luscious lips of yours. This daddy could spend the rest of my life worshipping you and making you cum. When you have me, you will have no need for toys. Too bad I'm on the East coast.

Posted 28 Dec 2011 1:16 PM EST by dce6644

Do you like oral? I'm not as good at the "hard stuff" as I used to be, but you look sooooo deicious. And you're gorgeous, too!

Posted 30 Aug 2009 10:52 AM EDT by frank135

shaved is great but I find a little fur to be very erotic.

Posted 29 Aug 2009 9:48 AM EDT by Justus

Very delicious!!!

Posted 25 Dec 2008 7:55 AM EST by THORNLP

Merry Christmas beautiful! Love your VIP video so I thought I'd give you an email to check. Hope you get a top-notch spanking for Christmas; make that a "spank, lick, suck, fuck!"

Gotta go, I have some beatiful pictures to admire.


Posted 6 Oct 2008 5:25 AM EDT by frekka

Amber, you are truly, truly beautiful! Please more! Too much is not enough! :)

Posted 1 Oct 2008 8:38 AM EDT by amber

thank you I love showing off my naughty bits :)

Posted 30 Aug 2008 9:44 AM EDT by mjohns

she /Amber is wonderful. What a beautiful woman. Thank you Amber for the photos.

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