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What is it about white panties? Something left over from adolescence perhaps, or the promise that waiting just behind that pristine cotton fabric is the most inviting and desired of female nether lands. In any case, luscious Samantha is eager to display her pretty panties and all the mysteries that lie beneath.

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Posted 22 Feb 2014 8:55 AM EST by mariom1

Samantha is gorgeous!! Need more please.

Posted 22 Jul 2009 11:28 AM EDT by patient1

what a beautiful pussy...

Posted 18 Jul 2009 4:25 PM EDT by kizyface

A very nice set. Not MY ideal but each to their own.

Posted 12 Jul 2009 3:58 PM EDT by alice

Yes! White panties are a real turn on even more so on a beauty like this. It's great when she takes them off of course, but the tease makes it all more intense. More like this please

Posted 12 Jul 2009 9:06 AM EDT by bad boy

very sexy. Love the legs by the way

Posted 11 Jul 2009 3:10 PM EDT by slimjim

sexy, but even better when the undies come off - and lovely rear shots, some of my faves.

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