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Our new sweetheart Natali returns to try out the largest of our glass toy collection - and it's a perfect fit. For those of you who are fans of intimate female anatomy, this is a must-see set of pics - the round glass cylinder becomes a great magnifier as it enters her, allowing for an eye-opening viewing experience. You'll feel like you really know her after this.

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Posted 22 Oct 2009 2:59 PM EDT by fishface

A very wicked angel ~ an unbelievable paradox of sweet innocence and raw sensuousness. Beautiful.

Posted 31 Jul 2009 7:05 PM EDT by kizyface

HELP ! I'm suffocating. SHE's taken my breath away.

Posted 30 Jun 2009 2:48 AM EDT by budder66

Normally I don't even look at blonds, I've always been attracted to dark haired olive skin types. Natali from Prague you've waken the animal in me like never before. Your body is a work of art that just makes me want to sin, but the hottest thing about you though is your face. Your hazel eyes set in that beautifully tanned freckled face reminds of this little girl I fell in love with when I was 9. 34 years have since passed, but looking at your face reminds me of my innocence.

Posted 28 Jun 2009 11:12 AM EDT by Dove35

Can't wait for a movie of this sweet Natali...

Posted 28 Jun 2009 7:07 AM EDT by Bclak Panter

No doubt, she is a new star in the sky.

She should perform a movie and the dildo/orgasm test, where only Amber (5/21/09) and WIldy (9/20/08) have succeed. (no fake).

Posted 27 Jun 2009 1:27 PM EDT by slimjim

this girl is hot, do you have her with another girl too, a brunet preferably.

Posted 27 Jun 2009 5:10 AM EDT by alice

Lovely and very entertaining. Again please

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