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Recently our new cutie Natali showed us her freckles and her lovely tanned legs and nether regions, to great acclaim. Today, she offers what we believe may be the world's best breasts and butt. And if not, we can certainly guarantee you'll enjoy perusing the evidence.

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Posted 24 Apr 2011 4:49 PM EDT by eowynfea

The epitome of cuteness and sexiness. That face and those breasts absolutely yummy

Posted 2 Jul 2009 5:14 PM EDT by miles69

I'm in Love!!

Posted 23 Jun 2009 5:17 PM EDT by guzziv70

as perfect as it gets!...

Posted 20 Jun 2009 9:21 PM EDT by thorin1

Nice to see her lovely breasts this time.

Posted 19 Jun 2009 6:59 AM EDT by Bob

I'd like to see this beauty with her hair it's natural color.

Posted 18 Jun 2009 11:22 AM EDT by slimjim

Delightful way to start the day.....

Posted 18 Jun 2009 1:20 AM EDT by alice

Oh my. She just gets better and better. And I'm still not recovered from her first set. Now this. I'll be sore for a week.

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