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Another new face at LSG, Meggie was a young amateur when we found her - a bit unusual in her appearance, sometimes awkward and other times stunning. For those who like the tall thin look, she's going to be hard to resist. We'll have lots more of her soon.

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Posted 11 Jan 2011 10:55 AM EST by Maskman1

Lovely, adorable waif. Among your best girls. But no buns pictures? Legs over head are nice, but some buns please.

Posted 23 Jun 2009 2:46 PM EDT by clamdip1

Nice looking model, buther poses are too modest for me. The photographer needs to get "stronger."

Posted 13 Jun 2009 1:35 AM EDT by miles69


Posted 17 May 2009 1:03 AM EDT by alice

gesture? or do you mean attitude? I do agree she could smile more, but the body makes up for that.

Posted 16 May 2009 9:44 AM EDT by Black Panter

I also like skinny girls...nice eyes,
but I pass.
I don't like her gesture.

Posted 16 May 2009 5:05 AM EDT by slimjim

Yes! As you can tell by my handle, I like em slim - more skinny girls, please LSG. She's an angel.

Posted 16 May 2009 1:00 AM EDT by alice

alluring - I like it.

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