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Oh so artsy. Here's lovely New York fashion model, Tiana, floating completely naked on our magic Moroccan carpet - perhaps impersonating an Elizabethan angel. These may even be suitable for framing.

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Posted 30 Jun 2009 2:12 PM EDT by clamdip1

Too artsy!

Posted 3 May 2009 4:58 PM EDT by slimjim

Standing ovation imho. Classic beauty. I'd like more like this, mixed in with great pink shots of course.

Posted 3 May 2009 3:47 PM EDT by alice

tot3 ur kidding right? suggest you take the seeing eye dog out for a breath of fresh air - which is what this lovely set is.

Posted 3 May 2009 2:44 PM EDT by tot3

dreadful - this is very poor for the money we are paying - come on LSG pull your socks up !!!

Posted 2 May 2009 12:18 PM EDT by lulahoop

I know this girl from some fine art sites - shes also a fashion model - great to see her completely naked. Thanks!!

Posted 2 May 2009 10:49 AM EDT by alice

Beautiful and simple and stunning. When can we see more of this girl?

Posted 2 May 2009 10:14 AM EDT by Black Panter

Interesting, and very beautiful
Medusa's Head (1922).

I wonder if this was Tiana's idea..

Posted 2 May 2009 1:06 AM EDT by Farnorth

Refreshing to see the pubic hair back at last!

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