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A simple summer dress, some yellow panties, and her lovely naked ivory skin are all that Amber needs for an arousing set of photos. Check out our Members' news page for a chance to see her in person.

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Posted 6 Apr 2011 8:49 AM EDT by gzq697

i would love to fuck her in the ass.

Posted 12 Dec 2009 4:34 PM EST by amber

i would love that spank me hard!

Posted 20 Apr 2009 5:25 PM EDT by joeyd311

PERFECT!!!!! You need a website dedicated to just yourself...

Posted 18 Apr 2009 9:49 AM EDT by vaultec

I love this girl. Naturally pretty, effortlessly sexy and totally aware of how great she looks naked. Thank god for cameras and the internet. I'm done now.

Posted 18 Apr 2009 9:16 AM EDT by amber

why thank you!

Posted 18 Apr 2009 8:10 AM EDT by slimjim

Another winner. She looks great in the green dress, on the floor, legs sspread wide. Open invitation.

Posted 18 Apr 2009 5:37 AM EDT by pz19XY82

Amber is a fantastic model with a very big class, really superb ...

Vraiment sublime comme model de très grande classe, Amber ...

Merci beaucoup de nous offrir tant de beauté ...

Thanks a lot for your gift with so much beauty ...


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